This project collects historical data about BC Ferries' vehicle capacity. I'm looking to evolve this into a tool that helps people plan logistics around their ferry trips.

Just a fun little weekend project that tells you which March Madness games are exciting! This scoreboard pushes close games and potential upsets to the top of the list.

This little tool helps me figure out what ingredients to use when I'm improvising a dish. It's a little digitized database of culinary ingredients, their function, and what cuisines they go with. You can search or browse.

All the data is from the amazing book Salt Fat Acid Heat

I'm building cash flow management software aimed at helping Financial Planners and their clients, and Self-Employed people.

Get pumped for the next NHL game! A quick, pretty little app that shows a countdown to your team's next game.

I made a few tools to help with my fantasy hockey leagues:

  • A tool that searches my league and shows me the best players who are available
  • A tool that shows me my team in ranking order so I know who to start and who to drop and add
  • A draft app that lists all the players in ranking order and lets me slice and dice, filter, and cross players off as selected

This is a little experiment to learn when I have the most and least energy. This little app will email me randomly throughout the day and ask me what my current energy level is. Then you can go into the app and see your energy levels plotted by day of the week and time of the day.

It turned out to be pretty cool!

I made a little video game to learn the Unity game framework.

Inspired by collecting resources in StarCraft, the goal is to collect all the resouces in the map as quickly as possible. You can build more workers, upgrade your workers, and build more bases that workers can bring minerals back to. It's actually decently fun! I plan to keep iterating on this game over time.

I wanted to try making a little game in React, so I turned a little card drinking game I play with my brothers into a video game!

The idea is that you bet a number of drinks on which horse (Ace) you want to win, and if that horse wins, you get to give out double the number of drinks that you bet. Horse racing music included!


  • Every time a card is drawn, whatever suit that card is, that's which ace gets to move forward one space
  • If all aces move to a certain column, the trap card for that column is turned over. Whatever suit that card is, that's which ace has to move back one space.
  • First ace to the end wins!

My wife coaches a soccer team, and they had to follow some new protocols due to covid-19. We made a little prototype of an app to try to organize all the checkins that needed to happen to try to prevent the spread.


My brother and I realized that the prototype we made for his College Pro franchise a few years back might be useful to other businesses, so we hunkered down, polished it up, and now it's a SaaS product!

We're actively working on it and sharing it with painting businesses across Canada.

The garbage collection schedule in my town is scattered all over the place and I kept forgetting to look at the paper schedule, so I made a little service that emails me the day before collection day! Now I never forget.

I shared this with other locals in Oak Bay, and as of 2024 I'm sending reminders to over 300 Oak Bay residents every month.

A quick way to build random teams with your friends (or enemies). The ridiculous team names are a bonus.

A proof of concept of a golden boot and MVP tracker for soccer teams. Being used by a couple of friends' squads.

A scrum team retrospective meeting turned into a realtime collaborative web app. This is also the first project I tried TypeScript with.

My team and I at Checkfront used this for all of our retrospective meetings!

I got tired of the stupid list that BC Transit has for locations for buying bus tickets, so I scraped the page and put all the locations on a map.

This page gets ~200 hits from google per month as of 2024

I built a fun little Jeopardy game for a soccer team party my partner hosted. She provided the questions and answers, I provided the code!

Note that this was designed for Chromecasting to my 4K TV, so you may need to zoom out a bit (ctrl + minus on windows, cmd + minus on mac) for it to look right

A measurement logger that gives statistics and visualizations along the journey. I use this almost every day.

An experiment in work reflection

A fun little site I made that counts the number of eves till Christmas

A quick and pretty way to see when the Vancouver Canucks play next

A quick and pretty way to see when the Winnipeg Jets play next. This one is a little out of date compared to the Canucks one. Hoping to consolidate them into one app at some point!

I was looking for a used vehicle so I built a quick and dirty script that scrapes a local used car dealer website and emails me anything new for that day.

A drink counting app designed to help with moderation

Push notifications when NHL or MLB games get good

An app to provide fast and flexible customer estimates for my brother's painting business

A simple scoreboard I made to learn React. I've taken this one down since it was quite out of date and I haven't prioritized making it work again.